The town of Selfoss is located  60 km east of  Reykjavik, on the banks of  river Ölfusá, and just few km from the South coast of Iceland.  Ölfusá is the largest river in Iceland with an average flow of 423 m3/s. The town was originally formed after a bridge over the river was  built in 1891, making this formidable river less of an obstacle for tourists. This nice town with about 6600 inhabitants is a center of commerce and small industries, serving the largest agricultural community in Iceland.  In Selfoss there are restaurants and cafés, a 9 hole golf course, swimming pool, cinema and bus to Reykjavík many times during the day.  Located in the center of South Iceland nature, there are almost endless possible for outdoor activities, hiking, walking tours, bird-watching, horse riding, fishing, etc.

Interesting sites about Selfoss and South Iceland: