Disasternemendur 2012 - Copy

Natural Disaster Management was completed successfully

The second course in Natural Disaster Management was completed successfully on the 22nd of June by our wonderful group of 11 international students, seen here by the Golden Waterfall.

Here is what one student had to say in an email to Sólveig after the course:

„…thank you for all that you did last month. As I have been telling everyone since I returned home, the course was all that I had hoped for, and so much more! I have a much better understanding now of the challenges and the possibilities of natural disaster management after my time in Iceland. Furthermore, the class was such an affirmation of my goals to help communities improve their disaster resilience and mitigation strategies and to work as an intermediary between engineers and policymakers. I appreciate all of your work in building a comprehensive and enjoyable class, while introducing us to the staggering beauty of your country. Finally, thank you for being an incredible role model as I move forward in my academic and professional career. I admire and am inspired by all that you have done and continue to accomplish. “

Sarah Welsh-Huggins, USA