Dr. John Osteraas addresses multiple important issues on the last day of classes

dr john osteraasWe at the EERC and the UCSI are very happy to announce the second visiting speaker at the International Summer Course 2013 on EarthquakeEngineering and Engineering Seismology, Dr. John Osteraas at Exponent Engineering and Scientific Consulting in Menlo Park, California, USA.

He will be addressing multiple important issues on the last day of classes, Thursday 20 June:

  • Resiliency of communities
  • Infrastructure vulnerabilities
  • Seismic retrofit – cost, benefits, politics
  • Performance based engineering vs building code
  • Post-earthquake safety and damage assessment

Dr. Osteraas is responsible for Exponent’s Civil Engineering, Buildings and Structures, and Construction Consulting Practices. He specializes in the evaluation of the performance of buildings under extreme loads, including earthquake, wind, flood, landslide, explosion, high-energy impact, and construction failure. His research has focused on performance of structures under seismic loading and full-scale instrumentation and testing of structures under dynamic loading. Dr. Osteraas’ expertise in structural and earthquake engineering includes structural safety and damage assessment; structural analysis; soil-structure interaction; seismic site response assessment; and analysis and design of wood, steel, concrete, masonry, and composite systems. His geotechnical engineering expertise extends to foundation and retaining structure analysis and design, slope stability analysis, and analysis of soil-structure interaction. Drawing upon his construction experience, he addresses problems of construction failure analysis; design and construction codes and standards; properties, performance, response, and deterioration of construction materials; and repair methodology.