The field-trips are “classroom-on-wheels”. They provide an opportunity for the participants to see natural phenomena while learning about them. Participants will be assigned tasks in order to prepare for the different trips to make the most out of the learning experience.

When planning a field –trips the following will be taken into consideration:

• Landscaping, major historical and recent natural processes – reading the landscape

• Historical overview – why do people live at this location? (söguslóðir)

• The population today: How should the people that live here now live with the threats in their environment?

o Are they in harm’s way?

o Can the risk be reduced?

o How should they prepare?

There course will cover seven natural processes:

1. Earthquakes

2. Tsunamis

3. Volcanoes

4. Flooding

5. Severe weather, including hurricanes and extratropical cycles

6. Coastal Hazards

7. Climate and Climate Change