International Graduate Summer Courses Series


The purpose of the individual international graduate summer courses is to provide insight into different aspects of natural processes, how they become natural hazards and even catastrophes, how they affect the built environment and the society, and to introduce the methodologies used to assess their characteristics and determine their impact in order to effectively approach the management of their risks to a modern society.


Taking advantage of Iceland’s unique field laboratory of natural hazards (e.g., earthquakes, flooding, volcanic eruptions, glacial floods, storms, etc.) in South Iceland, the course is taught in the town of Selfoss located in the lowlands. A unique aspect of the each course is a “classroom-on-wheels” where the participants observe first-hand the different, and sometimes challenging, characteristics of Icelandic nature and landscape – learning about natural hazards – while observing them.


The goal of the international graduate summer courses is that each participants obtains a clear understanding of the topic the corresponding course covers and its context within the management of natural disasters. That includes gaining knowledge in the core functions that define the chosen topic and the required skills to carry out preliminary assessment themselves.

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Available Courses for 2015

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Earthquake Engineering

Natural Disaster

Natural Catastrophes

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(held in 2011)

Urban Resilience