We provide a selection of two distinct international graduate programmes: the masters programme in volcanic and earthquake risk reduction (MVERR) on one hand, and individual international graduate summer courses on the other. The former is especially suited for students seeking a 1-year comprehensive training resulting in an internationally accredited  joint-Masters degree, while the latter is suited for students and professional seeking to renew and improve their understanding of a specific topic during a 3-week intensive course.


The Masters Programme in Volcanic and Earthquake Risk Reduction (MVERR) is a joint International Masters Study Programme in the multidisciplinary field of disaster risk reduction, with emphasis on prevention strategies that have application for populated urban regions exposed to earthquake and volcanic hazard. The objective of MVERR will be to help graduate students with ability to become internationally leading experts in both theoretical and practical actions.

Summer Courses

The goal of the individual international graduate summer courses is to provide insight into different aspects of natural processes, how they become natural hazards and even catastrophes, how they affect the built environment and the society, and to introduce the methodologies used to assess their characteristics and determine their impact in order to effectively approach the management of their risks to a modern society.

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International Masters Programme in Volcanic and Earthquake Risk Reduction (MVERR)

Summer Courses

International Graduate Summer Courses