The Earthquake Engineering Research Centre of the University of Iceland was established in the year 2000 with a special contract between the University of Iceland, Ministry of education, Ministry of justice, Township of Árborg and the Civil defence.

The main operation of the Centre consists of the following:

  • Basic reasearch
  • Contract research
  • Training of students for research and building facilities for engineering education


The research activity at the Centre includes analytical, computational and experimental methods in solid and fluid mechanics. This includes probabilistic and statistical methods. Problems in mechanics related to civil and environmental engineering, as well as allied fields, are considered. A special emphasis is placed on research in earthquake and wind engineering. Topics of special interest are vibration and dynamics of complex structures and the use of computers in mechanics, particularly in the field of structural dynamics. The Centre operates and maintains the Icelandic Strong-Motion Network and distributes data through the Internet Site for European Strong-Motion Data (ISESD). On-going measurement programmes include full-scale measurements of wind and earthquake-induced structural response, as well as recording of data required for civil and environmental engineering design.


Name Tel E-mail
 Elinborg Gunnarsdóttir, Manager  525-4141
Aldís Sigfúsdóttir, MSc  894-1275
Ásthildur Elva Bernharðsdóttir, PhD  898 1586
Apostolos S. Papagorgiou, PhD 525-4141
Athol J. Carr, PhD 525-4141
Benedikt Halldórsson, PhD 525-4132
Elínborg Gunnarsdóttir, 525-4141
Gunnar Einarsson, 525-4137
John Douglas, PhD, 525-4141
Jónas Elíasson, PhD 525-4141
Jónas Þór Snæbjörnsson, PhD 599-6528
Puja Acharya, B.Arch 525-4137
Ragnar Sigbjörnsson, PhD, Head of EERC 525-4141
Rajesh Rupakhety, PhD 525-4129
Sigurður Unnar Sigurðsson, MSc 525-4131
Símon Ólafsson, PhD 525-4127
Sólveig Ragnardsóttir, MSc 525-4135
Sólveig Þorvaldsdóttir, MSE 525-4133