Glaciers – Geysirs – Highlands – Volcanoes – Mountains – Waterfalls – Icelandic horses

The South of Iceland is unique and that part of the country which by far the greatest numbers of foreign visitors come to. There everything that makes Iceland interesting to visit can be found the year around. Here history follows you at every footstep, both ancient and recent. There is creative art, culture and flourishing trade and endless possibilities to enjoy the outdoor life in all seasons. Above all there is the awesome and rugged nature from the mountains to the sea.

In all the seasons of the year tourists can find something to their liking. In the winter the sun is reflected from the pearly white snow, on long dark winter nights the northern lights dance around the starlit sky and the moon is in and out of cloud. Then beauty, peace and quiet reigns, unforgettable to those who experience it. Trips across the highlands as well as the lowlands are indescribable adventure trips during both summer and winter.

The farmer minds his farm. All the year is a busy time in the country, and in the spring the country is covered with its summer foliage. Life outdoors and trips assume a new form: hiking tours, riding trips, angling in rivers and lakes. Nature takes on a new look: hot springs, lava fields, volcanoes, waterfalls, the highlands, glaciers, rivers and lakes, nature and life is reborn after the frosts of winter and the countryside is at its most beautiful.

Come to the southern countryside and look at the beauty, listen to the wind and the silence, discover the peace and quiet, and last but not least you may discover yourself.

Welcome to South Iceland, we’ll be happy to see you.
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