A view to the east over Húsavík, showing the town's proximity to the Húsavík-Flatey Fault trace on land, shown by red lines.

Doctoral student opportunities at the Earthquake Engineering Research Centre

We seek three doctoral students to work on a project in the field of earthquake engineering and engineering seismology at the Earthquake Engineering Research Centre of the University of Iceland. Specifically, the doctoral students will work within the project “Real-time earthquake fault monitoring and seismic risk assessment using dense geodetic and seismic arrays in urban […]

A photo of the scenic Krysuvik Area in the Reykjanes Peninsula Volcanic Zone. Kleifarvatn lake in the background, and two craters in the foreground. (c) Mats Wibe Lund

Small earthquake in the Volcanic Zone

A small earthquake occurred in the scenic volcanic zone of the Reykjanes Peninsula on the morning of 9 March 2014. The local magnitude was 2.8 and resulted in very small ground motions at the closest recording station of the Icelandic Strong-motion Network, which is owned and operated by the Earthquake Engineering Research Centre. The plot […]

Instrumented building

Important notice: STRUDEE course held 5-27 June

The previously advertised dates of the STRUDEE course have had to be changed from 29 May to 21 June, to the new and final dates 5 – 27 June. If you applied for the course before this change, please make a note of it and change your plans accordingly. Overall, this change of dates should […]

New STRUDEE2014 summer course

Flyer sent out for the STRUDEE summer course

A new announcement has been sent out via email on the new International Graduate Summer Course in Iceland 2014: STRUctural Dynamics principles in Earthquake Engineering (STRUDEE) Iceland, 5 – 27 June 2014 Application deadline: 1 April 2014 www.earthquake.is Structures are often subjected to dynamic forces of one form or the other during their lifetime. This […]

Earthquake ground acceleration acts at the base of the structure (black) which responds dynamically (red)

A new summer course on Structural Dynamics added to the curriculum for 2014

We are pleased to announce the addition of a 2nd international summer course for 2014: Structural Dynamics Principles in Earthquake Engineering, which will be held in Selfoss, Iceland, during 5 to 27 June 2014 (note: previous dates were from 29 May to 21 June!). The course is the latest addition to the International Summer Course […]

Urban Resilience in Disaster-Prone Areas

Advertisement for the summer course 2014 sent out worldwide

The goal of the international graduate summer courses is that each participants obtains a clear understanding of the topic the corresponding course covers and its context within the management of natural disasters. That includes gaining knowledge in the core functions that define the chosen topic and the required skills to carry out preliminary assessments themselves. […]


Announcing a new Summer Course for 2014 on “Urban Resilience in Disaster-Prone Areas”

Resilience is the ability of a community to weather and quickly recover from natural disasters.  Community resilience is a combination of hazard mitigation, disaster preparedness, disaster response, and recovery.  As a disaster prone country, Icelandic society has developed institutions and policies that create resilience in the face of disaster.  As a small country, Iceland is […]